Our Services

Our Services

Find support on your healing journey with
our mental health counseling services.

What Mental Health Counseling Services Are Available?

Pneuma Counseling exists to help people feel better and to embrace their authentic selves. We are therapists in Chicago committed to provide excellent mental health counseling services to those who are hurting or desire change in their lives. 

Our counseling services are:

  • Individual Counseling: Get support and guidance from a trained professional in a one-on-one environment.
  • Couples Counseling: Find your way back to love with help you understanding issues and communicate your needs.
  • EMDR Therapy: Identify and process traumatic memories to help your healing journey.
  • Trauma Counseling: Support in recovering from traumatic events to help heal physically and emotionally. 
  • Betrayal Trauma Counseling: Treatment for betrayal trauma that results from past abuse through validation and guidance.
  • Teen CounselingHelp your teenager navigate their problems & desires to guide them towards health & wellness.
  • Sex Addiction Counseling: Treatment & recover to overcome sex addiction and encourage healthy sexual behavior.
  • Christian Counseling: Have your faith integrated with your therapy for additional support in your healing journey.
  • Coaching: Gain support and new understanding to find awareness & motivation in life.

Why Is Mental Health Counseling Important?

Mental health counseling is important as a form of support to help you heal and grow into your best authentic self. Our therapists have heart and passion to help those in need and are trained to help support a number of issues like depression, grief, and addiction. If you are hurting and need support on your healing journey, Pneuma Counseling is in your corner.