Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I've never done counseling. What is therapy like?

We at Pneuma believe that every client who enters therapy has what it takes to make the changes and improve her life. We are simply here to help you discover what you already possess.  We also believe every client that enters our doors is deserving of worth, value and dignity and should be treated as such.  The experience of therapy can be described in many ways.  Therapy is like having someone hold up a mirror where you are able to see yourself more clear. However, upon seeing yourself you will find acceptance and compassion.

How do I know if I need counseling?

There are a number of reasons why starting therapy would be beneficial.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.  Are you feeling sad, angry, or not yourself? Is this interfering with your life in any way?  Are you using anything to manage life such as drugs, alcohol, sex?  Have you lost anyone or anything important to you?  Has anything traumatic happened to you?  Or perhaps, you just need a place to sort things out.  All these are great reasons for entering therapy.

How many sessions do I need for counseling?

The amount of time you spend in therapy is deeply personal and depends on your individual needs, goals, and resources. The number of recommended sessions varies by condition and treatment type, however, the majority of  clients report feeling better after 3 months; those with depression and anxiety experience significant improvement after short and longer time frames, 1-2 months & 3-4.

How often do I need to attend counseling?

Really good therapy is meeting at least once a week. This allows for the relationship to form since counseling is about a relationship. You need to be able to feel safe and learn to trust your therapist. Additionally, so much can happen if you meet outside of a week. Once you start to identify root issues and see some change, you and your therapist can reevaluate and change it up. Typically, meeting every two weeks is common. 

How long are sessions?

A sessions lasts 50 mins which is considered a therapeutic hour. Some sessions can be extended, but there are additional charges associated with this and happen for different reasons. 

What if I need to come more than once a week?

Typical therapy is once a week for an hour. If a client needs to come more than once a week, this is usually due to a crisis that eventually gets resolved and weekly sessions are resumed. However,  if a client needs more than once a week on regular basis it may be necessary to seek a higher level of care in another agency or clinic. 

What are your fees?

Our fees are as follows:   The first two sessions are $225. These two sessions are known as the diagnostic interview where we are getting background information and formulating your treatment plan. The remaining sessions are $175.

Should I work with a male or female therapist?

The gender of your therapist is oftentimes a matter of personal preference. However, one can approach this decision therapeutically.  For instance, if you had a problem with female figures growing up, you might want to consider working with a female.  In the end, it is always your choice. 

What if you don't accept my insurance?

Many providers will allow members to see OON (out of network) providers and provide benefits which can offset the costs.  The rates for reimbursement are typically anywhere from 50%-80%. If your plan is OON. You will be required to pay the full fee for our services, then submit an invoice to your insurance for any available reimbursement. We help you with this by providing monthly invoices or super-bills with the necessary information.

Do you have a sliding scale?

We do have a sliding scale for those who have financial burdens.  Please discuss this with your therapist. 

Can you prescribe me medication?

Medication is often prescribed by either a doctor or psychiatrist. If you are interested in using medication in conjunction with therapy, we can provide referrals to a psychiatrist.