Trauma Counseling

Trauma Counseling

Changing the story we tell ourselves

Trauma Counseling
Trauma is any past experience that one perceives as negative and that negatively impacts your present life. It creates extreme stress in the body and mind. Traumas can be perceived as horrific, helpless to prevent, and threatening to either your survival or the survival of others or it can be when something happens to you large or small, that leaves you feeling distress and you are unable to process it for some reason. Trauma often will get stuck in the nervous system. Not only the traumatic experience itself, but also any beliefs that we have attached to the trauma. The effects can be long lasting and create distressing symptoms. All trauma manifests in physical and/or sexual and/or psychological symptoms, which can eventually lead to PTSD.
EMDR has been known to be very helpful in resolving trauma. Please click below to learn more.

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Carey Wiese

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