Doxa Zannou
Doxa Zannou
Personal Statement
Feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, abandonment, and rejection are inherent to the human condition. You may struggle with these feelings when you experience losses, transitions, relational separations, or instances of systemic injustice. You may be dissatisfied in your career or unsure of how to actualize your dreams. You may also feel disconnected with no intimate network of support, which can contribute to heightened depression and shame. Thankfully, my clinical training and experiences as a Black woman and African ex-pat in the U.S., have shown me that genuine connection and multicultural competency are crucial in therapy.
As I transitioned into young adulthood, I built meaningful relationships and experienced the empowering and healing presence of therapy. I learned that we cannot heal or change without others. We experience some of our deepest wounds in relationships, and these wounds lead to traumatic responses which can be unlearned in safe relationships. For instance, we learn to feel crippling shame and self-hatred in relationships, but we can also learn and experience the
corrective power of vulnerability in safe relationships. I am therefore honored to walk alongside you as you journey towards holistic transformation. As you uncover your authentic identity, you will feel empowered to reclaim your agency and live wholeheartedly.

We often get stuck in unhealthy cycles because of self-defeating thoughts and beliefs. Sadly, our communities often contribute to these cycles and can shame us into hiding our pain. If this resonates, I would be honored to walk alongside you. During tough seasons, coping tools such as creative writing, physical exercise, and a safe, faithful community, have all provided peace, comfort, and stability in my life. I believe that the things we hold dear such as our family, community, religion, and culture, can both bolster and harm our mental health, depending on our circumstances. Consequently, it is important to understand the ways in which our contexts affect our mental health too.

Treatment Areas and Competencies



Career Counseling

Acculturation & Immigration

Emotional Abuse

Spiritual Abuse

Racial Identity Development

Emerging Adulthood


Approach to Therapy

I approach therapy from a person-centered perspective by providing unconditional positive
regard, empathy, and genuineness in our work together. Research confirms that a strong
therapeutic relationship leads to better outcomes.

Often, the agonizing and overwhelming pain of isolation, loneliness, rejection, and abandonment can separate us from meaningful connection with others. You may feel this pain when you experience a loss, a transition, a break-up, or an abusive relationship. You may also feel this pain when you are dissatisfied in your career, when your dreams or hopes do not come to fruition, or when you feel cut off from everyone, with no intimate network of support. This pain may then be accentuated by real or perceived loneliness, which can contribute to even more isolation and depression.

Our time together is therefore meant to be a safe space for you to unpack your deepest and
most painful burdens, without feeling judged or condemned. We will identify and dismantle the effects of shame in your life, so that you can experience the power and bravery of vulnerability. We will examine your history and explore the critical elements or events in your life that have contributed to your identity and beliefs. We will identify what you hope to accomplish in therapy, and we will explore the coping skills and interventions that will help you on your journey towards wholeness. We will work on amplifying your strengths and empowering you in your commitment to change. Indeed, healing is not always about a specific destination. Instead, it is a life-changing process of inner transformation and wholeness. Together, we can root out the toxic messages affecting your mental health so you can heal and flourish!

Treatment Modalities and Theoretical Orientations

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Existential Therapy

IFS (Internal Family Systems) interventions

Interpersonal Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Strength-based Therapy

Attachment-based Therapy

Education, Licenses and Certifications

  • Master’s in clinical Mental Health Counseling, Moody Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor’s in psychology & English Creative Writing, Eastern University, St. David’s, PA
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), IL

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53 W. Jackson, suite 510 Chicago 60604


(312) 725-6575