Betrayal Trauma Counseling

Betrayal Trauma

Coming alongside those who have been affected by a loved one's sexual addiction

Support and care for Those who have been Betrayed

Partners and spouses of sex addicts suffer specific and significant betrayal trauma due to the deceit and crazy-making inherent in the double life of a sex addict. Emotional, physical, mental, and sexual trauma may all be present in the partner of a sex addict. We at Pneuma Therapeutic Services treat the betrayal trauma that results from these sources of abuse. We provide support and guidance to help survivors deal with emotional pain, loss, and anger. We assist in validating feelings and experiences as credible and help the partner reclaim their reality and judgment. We provide guidance in setting up a self-care plan and a set of non-negotiables in dealing with the addict.

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Therapists Who Treat Betrayal Trauma

Rick Manabat

Lois Tawfik

Carey Wiese

Lauren Yuccas